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Metro Hamps/Rupnow Hamps LLC



Piano Man   Piano Man
Miller 0-836
Republic x P-4838

DOB: 2017
Owned with Miller Hampshires




Clusterluck   Clusterluck
Gameface x Young Jock x Money Maker/Packin Heat
DOB: 2013
Bred by Impact Hamps
Purchased from Franz Farms - summer 2017.



Old Rock



Old Rock
Eroc X EL 9554

Purchased from Ellerbrock Club Lambs


4D-Large x Medicine Man
We had the unique opportunity to purchase this ram from Jim Nelsson of Powercat Club Lambs as a yearling. Jim purchased him and his twin sister out of the jug from Langemeier Club Lambs. His sire 4D-Large needs no introduction and his mother produced the Champion Suffolk at Naile in 2009. His phenotype is as good as his genotype and we are excited about what he can do for our program.

Co-owned by Metro Hamps and Rupnow Hamps





Dusty   Fuzzy

Rupnow 1079
Double Ott x Rupnow 0989

Grand Champion Slick Shorn Hampshire Ram
2015 NAILE Junior Show

Thank You UW-Madison for your purchase!


Rupnow 691
Sired by Raji

DOB: January 15, 2012

Bred by Metro Hamps and Rupnow Hamps





RipSLingerRipslinger    Double Ott

Metro 1528
Raji x Metro 709

Sold to the Hasheider Family-Thank You!

  Double Ott

Sired by "100"
DOB: March 1, 2013

Bred by Ott Club Lambs
Purchased at Sedalia - 2013
Sold to the Michael Gleason Family-Thank You!


Keeper Buck out of the MacLennon buck (Jethro) and a ewe purchased from Greiner Club Lambs at Sedailia. Every ram lamb this ewe had was sold as a buck or kept for use in the flock.

Owned by Rupnow Hamps

Purchased from MacLennon Club Lambs in 2006 and used through 2009 before being sold.



We used this ram for three years and not to many ewe lambs left the farm that were sired by him as he gave us a tremendous set of females.

Purchased from Mike Hancock off the farm in 2002.
Owned by Rupnow Hamps

The Reserve Champion Hamp Ram from Sedaila in 1998 that we purchased from the Ott Club Lambs consignment. He was a real game changer for us - packing mucsle in a real pretty package!

Owned by Rupnow Hamps






Chaos   Cartman

Professor Chaos
This was our Keeper Ram from 2006 out of Cartman and an original ewe
we bought from Rupnow Hamps Show Lambs that we call Pysco. She is still in our flock today (2012) as she produces good lambs every year, and so do her daughters and granddaughters. He was a big, stout, massive ram that really stamped the ewes.

Owned and Used by Metro Hamps


Purchased from Rupnow Show lambs - Iowa in 2004.
A ram that traced back to the Ott buck(Pursuit), we bought him
from Heidi's brother Eric to use on the original group of ewes to
build a solid foundation for the future.

Owned by Metro Hamps

Alan, Heidi & Ty Thorson
Jim & Sue Rupnow

W460 Sydo Rd - Columbus, WI
Alan Cell: (920) 344.1235 - Heidi Cell: (920) 344.1234
Jim & Sue Cell: (715) 590.4660
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